東京Kagura Dance Studio主宰







Kagura started ballet at age of six.
When she was 18 years old, she was fascinated by bellydance and she joined Karima Arabian Dance Company, one of the foremost bellydance studios in Japan.  Since she had decided to live with this dance as her lifetime work, 

Kagura had been performing as an exclusive show dancer/instructor of Karima Arabian Dance Company until 2020. 

She started her own dance school, Kagura Bellydance Studio, in Shizuoka in 2010, and in Tokyo in 2016.  

Kagura has been featured in filming, commercial supervision, and collaboration art with corporations.

She is the founder of her own “Hagoromo Project” and captivated a lot of audience with her ingenious performance with silk veil. 

She is also constantly creating motivating and articulated workshops for this project.

Her vision with this project is to support women to live healthy, and to bring their own fullness and their own beauty to their life through dance with silk veil.

Kagura also adopted the essence of Gagaku, a type of Japanese classical folk arts in her performance.  

She constantly has been joining international bellydance festivals in a lot of the countries all over the world, and has been awarded in both international and domestic bellydance competitions such as in Egypt, Lebanon, Hungary, Morocco, Italy, US and Japan.

She personally invested in one of Japanese traditional remedies, Reiki, to improve people’s health of mind and body as a reiki master.

Kagura passionately shares the wealth of her knowledge by having self-empowerment workshop for people who do not dance as well.



2009 東京国際ベリーダンスコンペティション(TIBC)  新人ソロ部門3位を受賞。

2010 TIBC オリエンタルソロ部門 決勝進出。

2011 TIBC オリエンタルアンサンブル部門Gina&Kagura 観客特別賞、準優勝。

2014 TIBC フュージョンアンサンブル部門 Ta-&Kagura 優勝、観客賞、エレナベスト賞受賞。

2015 TIBC プロフェッショナルオリエンタルソロ 準優勝。

2017 ラキアカップ大坂 プロバンド部門準優勝。


2011 Mediterranean Delight Festival(モロッコ) コンペティションで観客賞受賞。

2012 Amani oriental festival コンペティション優勝。

2012 エジプトナイルグループグループコンペ優勝。

2013 エジプトナイルグループ オリエンタル ソロ部門 3位。

2015 イタリア MAZAGATフェスティバル プロフェッショナルオリエンタルソロ 準優勝。

2015 エジプトナイルグループ オリエンタルソロ部門 優勝。

2018 ハンガリー Uchi-nicolegimi オリエンタルグループ部門 優勝